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How to get to Zvolen, if you first came here? Book a transfer on the website The carrier will arrive in advance and will meet you in the arrival area.

Zvolen is the oldest city in Slovakia, which is located at the confluence of the Slatina and Hrona rivers. In the IV century BC, a fortress was built here. Annually on this place national holidays and festivals are arranged. Medieval monuments and sights have been preserved in Zvolen.

Zvolen Castle is a symbol of the city. Here, the pristine nature is closely intertwined with the ancient ruins of the palace. For centuries it was the residence of the Hungarian monarchs who came to hunt. Now here is the National Art Gallery, where an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures. This is a favorite place for walking tourists and residents.

On the Zvolen Square, in the very center, stands a Roman Catholic church of Saint Elizabeth of the XIII century. On weekends in the church they play the organ. Nearby is the Museum of Forest Industry.

There is a bus station in Zvolen, from where commuter and international buses run daily. Opening hours from 09:30 to 19:30. If you need to get to the base Králová-Zólyom, use the transfer service to the ski resorts. So you can make your own route and see as many sights along the way.

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