Transfer to Colombo

Meet the sunrise on the shores of the Indian Ocean, go on a trip among the rainforest and try fresh seafood in one of the central cities of Sri Lanka. How to get to Colombo? We recommend booking a transfer in advance. You will not need to understand the scheme of public transport. The driver will meet at the airport of Colombo and will help to get the luggage.

The appearance of the largest metropolis of Sri Lanka was influenced by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Persians, British and Portuguese. These cultures are reflected in the buildings, the layout of streets and squares. Tourists are attracted by the colorful life of the locals. There are many old sights here.

Start exploring the city by visiting the historic Fort area, where you can see the colonial buildings and the Old Lighthouse with the clock tower. This is a unique structure that combines two functions at once.

In order to feel the atmosphere of Colombo, arrange a tour of the sacred sites. Look at the Buddhist temple of Gangaramaya, the Cathedral of St. Anthony and the Jami Oul Alfar Mosque, which is illuminated in the evenings by more than 50 spotlights.

You can learn the history of Sri Lanka at the National Museum of Colombo, where household items, books, clothing and jewelry from the XVIII century have been preserved. The State Art Gallery has a large collection of paintings by Lankan masters. Some works can be purchased for yourself as a souvenir. The Maritime Museum has an interesting exhibition dedicated to the Indian Ocean and its inhabitants.

We recommend visiting the Vihramadevi Park to walk among the branchy bushes and relax near the fountains. There is a zoo and a children's playground on the territory of the reserve. To get here, rent a car with a driver in Colombo.

Tuk-tut is the most popular form of public transport in Colombo. Payment depends on the distance, sometimes the price can be negotiated before the trip. Locals use taxis more often than buses. There are air conditioners and meters in the passenger compartment.

A double-decker tourist bus runs through the city. Its route is designed so that you can see the main attractions. It runs daily from 8:30 to 17:00. In hotels and hostels provide bicycles for rent.

Book your transfer. This is the most comfortable and safe way. Drivers are well versed on the road, so you don’t have to spend time in traffic jams.